Grassroots HealthCare: Our Best Insights

Our Gems (on the tabs above) are the best of what we have done together as a group We recognize that Our Agreements, Our Ideas, Our Insights, Our Questions, and Our Issues are fundamentally important.

* They encapsulate much of the difference between where we started and where we are today.
* They represent our evolution as a workgroup capturing what we have accomplished and lighting the way toward what we have yet to do.
* They inform and inspire our creativity.
* They map the terrain we have covered together. Good when we get lost.
* They are our memory when we need to remember.
* They are our collective identity describing something of who we are as a group.

We collect "Our Gems" at our own discretion for the benefit of the group. We do this not only to record important information. Most of all, we do this because by choosing collaborative interaction we become the whole that is greater than the sum of our parts.

Getting to Know Eachother

This is really simple but worth noticing and saying "out loud". It addresses something very deep about how we can be more valuable to
ourselves ... here in this endeavor and in our families, friends, and communities.

When we know eachother better we ...

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Project Idea: Restorative Justice Models in the Standoff Between American Trial Lawyer's Guild and the AMA

Grassroots strategic intervention - An opportunity exists to create a community centered body of practice, a "moral and knowledge high ground", around a recognition that not all harm ... especially the harm resulting from medical errors ... can be compensated financially.    read more...  »

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