Purpose of Grassroots HealthCare

Grassroots HealthCare - Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Collaborate today to make tomorrow better in HealthCare. Together.

The primary purpose of Grassroots Healthcare is to improve patient outcomes and eliminate the suffering caused by inefficiencies and errors in health care delivery and administration.

We gather with eachother, share, and commit to Discover, Define, Articulate, Model, Institute and Practice procedures and frameworks that make healthcare safer, more effective, more compassionate, less costly and more valuable.

  • Discover, Map, and Domesticate the high ground in the healthcare quality knowledge landscape.
  • Embody in practice, the current high water mark in collaborative healthcare conversation, action, and results. Best practices and more. Evolve understandings and simple highly persuasive articulations of how these known high ground practices actually relate to improved quality in healthcare delivery.
  • Create the success model/s for communities to look toward, consider, learn from in developing their local approaches to assuring quality healthcare for their residents and members. Become a planning tool and resource.
  • Inspire and acknowledge the "Personal Bests"
  • Educate, Advocate, Empower, Care, Connect, Coordinate, Communicate, Evaluate, Certify, Acknowledge,Consult, Witness, Report, Research
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Grassroots Healthcare is a non-profit citizens initiative creating continuous improvement in the quality of healthcare delivery nationwide.

Healthy Living Systems are deeply, profoundly, and influentially interconnected. Grassroots HealthCare mimics Nature's ecological/biological model as the best example of how to bring health and vitality to our communities. We develop personal relationships with eachother. We develop strategic relationships with organizations . We discover, value, and increase our interconnectedness for benefit.

We use the synergy gained through our virtually linked network of local community chapters to:


Lobby - Hospitals and and other controlling stakeholders to create change in perspective, procedures, organization, approach, attitude that remove the obstacles to quality healthcare for all.

We use personal contact and enabling technology to elicit and facilitate the discovery of paradigm shifting (and non-paradigm shifting) ideas, concerns, questions, and insights that redefine quality in care delivery.

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