What is Grassroots HealthCare?

Grassroots HealthCare - In the World

Grassroots HealthCare envisions and works for the compassionate, responsible delivery of quality health care. Health care that actually delivers both health and care. Unlike organizations working on grand master plans, we partner at the community level with hospitals to reduce mistakes, suffering and waste now. We focus on innovative approaches to learn, spread, and implement known methods that improve quality. We focus on patient-centered improvements that can be made now without crafting an entirely new system.
Our job is clear. We initiate and accelerate change.
We bring community concerns and solutions to healthcare partnerships that:

  • Eliminate unnecessary deaths
  • Eliminate unnecessary pain, suffering, and injury
  • Eliminate waste
  • Eliminate waiting for care needed immediately
  • Eliminate powerlessness and confusion

Grassroots HealthCare is a social network of like-hearted individuals dedicated to living as social artists. We transform the world through healthcare reform and inspire others to join us in this artistic gesture. We work together to educate ourselves about the problems, issues, and opportunities for change in healthcare delivery.
To paraphrase Ghandi, we are becoming the change we seek.
We are devoted to the quality of our inquiry, our actions, and our results.
We do this together - in compassionate, appreciative connection.
We do this now.    read more...  »


Grassroots HealthCare - On the Internet

It is THE place to BE if you are about changing healthcare. We are a node in the exponentially growing web of HealthCare 2.0, a participitory movement redefining what healthcare means in the 21st century.

This website, GrassrootsHealthCare.org, is a web portal serving a radically visionary organization. We are a unique virtual learning community and community of practice created to "change the channel" in healthcare today. Radical new ideas and a radical commitment to actually using the good "old" ones are needed to protect our communities, families, and children. For the future. Now.

The site offers a set of tools and spaces that facilitate satisfying, valuable and effective group discussion and project collaboration. To help us work better as a community, it also offers access to a unique collection of valuable information, educational experiences, and opportunities for personal growth and transformation.

And, It is really about real people. All of us. People we've never met in our own communities. People whose stories we've never heard. People who care about their children. It is about being here, side-by-side, with so many others who care passionately enough about this cause that we can actually breathe life into it. It is about being inspired - together. It is about being acknowledged, valued. It is about creating change with the best team you could choose for the job. It is about being a part of history in the making.    read more...  »